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Shaggy nuthatch

A small mobile bird with a body length of 11.5 cm, a wing length of 63-77 mm in males, 63-72 mm in females, a beak length of 14.5-18 mm and legs of 13.5-17 mm and weighing 8-12 g.

1. Areal

On the territory of Russia, the species was first discovered in 1967. It is one of the rarest nesting birds of the Ussuri region, in the south-west of which is the only nesting place of this species within Russia. Only two small isolated nesting sites are known at the headwaters of the Ussuri River in the Muta tract and on the Borisov Shufan plateau, as well as in the Komisarovka river basin north of the Borisov plateau.

Outside of Russia, the nesting area of ​​the species covers the mountainous areas of North Korea, Northeast, North and Southwest China.

2. Biology

Migration view. Birds of the coastal population spend the winter in the central regions of the Korean Peninsula. Spring migration - from late April to early June. Autumn migration - from mid-September to early October.

During the nesting period, the bird inhabits larch forests, or forests with significant participation of larch. A prerequisite is the presence of sparse plantations.

It nests in hollows, mainly on larch trees, hollowed out independently, or use old woodpecker hollows. One brood per season. There are 5-6 eggs in a clutch. Birds feed on invertebrates and cone seeds in the crowns of coniferous trees.