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Repetition of the past. With the help of the series of articles "Who is the Boss in the House." A successful "reconnaissance in force" was carried out. A new valuable real version of the death of the tourists of the Dyatlov group has been obtained. The material is systematized and presented to the reader.

Vladimir Malykh's version by Evgeny Noskov, part 2.

I want to prove that Vladimir Ilyich Malykh is right.

Intrigues of enemies

Let's stop at this for a while, digress for a long time, come back, practically, at the time of the beginning of the hike.

Although the borders of enemy states were pushed back after the war in 1945, this did little to help us from their successful aggressive intentions. Somewhere beyond the western borders of the territories we occupied, there were American "points" from which spy reconnaissance balloons were launched. I knew about these balls, but when investigating the death of Dyatlov's group, there was no thought of these balls. When the group went on a hike, there, "over the hill" the workers (Hans-Karly-Jones) hung the container with the equipment from the balloon, carried out the last performance checks, pumped gas, probably helium, into the envelope of the balloon ...

This is what Vladimir Malykh, the author of the version, sent me in the comments.

**** Evgeny Noskov, These balloons ADA (automatic drifting balloon) flew at altitudes of 25-30 kilometers, in wake currents - air streams with a constant direction. Various equipment was suspended from the ball. Usually a long-focus camera was suspended, which started to work from a software device (I had to study it!). At first, these balloons flew across the entire USSR, photographing "from and to", but such a flight lasted up to 30 days. It took a long time to wait, and even to look for it in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk or the Sea of ​​Japan. The CIA decided to simplify the task: those balloons that were launched from the North passed over the sparsely populated territories of the Northern Urals for no more than 7 days. So they created a spy channel there, that is, in good weather, specially recruited people from among the former prisoners and / and lumberjacks picked up spy cameras or special shock-resistant capsules with film and sent them abroad, receiving good pay for this. The descent of the ball could be controlled by command from the ground - the valve was opened, and helium slowly flowed out of the ball, the ball lost its lifting force and slowly sank to the ground. In front of the ground, the suspension fired back, and the equipment fell into the snow. There was also a beacon, we called it a "pick", the signal was received by any pocket receiver with a VHF range. On this signal, the equipment could be found in the snow. So the students were sent there. The military could not be sent, it would have alerted those who collected these balls! And so some student tourists, and even with girls. What will you take from them? They, they say, have something completely different in their heads. However, they had a lot of cameras and a whole roll of 300 meter spare film. Apparently, the students should have filmed everything they saw! Thus, block this spy channel! But it didn’t work out as expected. But all the same, the guys, at the cost of their lives, revealed this espionage event! Why didn't they talk about it and still don't talk about it? Because this is a serious puncture for our operatives - innocent people died! This is how I imagine this business. This is not just a sofa research, this equipment was transferred to our enterprises for study and reproduction. And most importantly, we have collected a lot of clean, not captured film. We even used it to capture the far side of the moon. ****

Since 1956, over 10 years, 4,000 of them have been launched into the territory of the USSR.This is just what was recorded by our air defense system! ****

Of the many different testimonies of witnesses there is this: “And there were more of them at night. And the nights in winter are long, we only have white nights in summer. The balls were such a yellowish color, and once I even saw an orange one, and it was so big and flew very low "...

There are no claims to the versions of woodpeckers that they "rushed" to look for a threat from mysterious "fire" balls. But little is known about the characteristics of these balls - what are the dimensions in relation to the moon, what is the speed of movement in the sky, the direction. It is impossible to determine whether this "fireball" is from a rocket or from a meteorological balloon. Or maybe some of them, mentioned just above, are exactly the spy balloons of ADA, and are involved in the tragedy of tourists, but completely "from the other side" ?!

Here they are "balls of fire"!

When the balloons are in flight, they look like larger, harmless stars in the morning and evening when they are illuminated by the sun. And according to Vladimir Malykh, they glow even at night. When they come down almost to the ground, they become "huge".

I expressed my skepticism to Vladimir, but thought about it. Why not?

Simple arithmetic says that if less or more than 400 balls of ADA were launched in a year, then on some days not one, but several spy balls were sent. Nothing tricky that these balls were floating in the zone of the Ivdel district! It is only necessary to prove that there were spies on the capture of equipment. But how in deserted places?

It is easy to determine the average speed of the ball drift, about 15 km. per hour, which in reality from "weather" conditions and terrain may be different. With a flight altitude of 20-25 km above the ground due to the curvature of the earth's surface, line of sight can reach 500 km. For reliable radio communication, sufficient transmitter power and receiver sensitivity are required at this distance. If we take the speed of the ball with a margin of 20 km. per hour, then the spy takes a day to arrive at the interception site. How it happened in a real situation is unknown.

It would be naive to believe that the ADA balls were purely drifting. They carried out some kind of correction of the flight trajectory. Therefore, more than one balloon could well fly over a given area. Duty and patrol aircraft flying along the borders of the USSR could be engaged in adjusting the direction of flight. According to the data from Rakitin's book "Death Walking on the Trail" and over the very territory of the Union in those days, many planes were flying, unattainable for our air defense - air defense, and spy balloons, and there were a lot of "insolent" transit spies. Until Powers' U-2 plane was shot down in 1961, the Americans were "at their best."

How the direction of the drift of the balloons was changed. There are wind roses in the streams of air masses in different areas, at different heights. It is enough to move the balloon to the “neighboring” jet, as it left for another area. For this, the gas of the same ball was used, which was released through the "nacelle" from a specific side (left-right).

Interception of parcels

Next is the problem of releasing the ball to the spies. When the ball approaches the container drop zone, the ball must send the primary signal to ask the spy if he is ready to intercept the "package". Not the entire flight route of the ball gave itself to the enemy by its requests. A request coded for a specific location - for a specific group of spies. The spies have a receiver with a response mode, also coded so that outsiders do not recognize the purpose of the "negotiation". Further radio silence for a certain time, so that the spy has time to arrive at the place of receiving the "parcel". The radio exchange of the ball with the spy takes place again, that everyone is ready. If there is no relationship, the balloon flies further up to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

After that, the ball itself issues a command to reduce the pressure of helium gas in the shell of the ball, and the ball begins to descend. At this time, an active correction of the direction of the ball to the point of release should be carried out.At a certain height, the container is dropped, the ball's weight decreases, it rises higher, and flies away from the drop site, thereby disguising the spy. If a "exhausted" ball is found, it will be hundreds of kilometers from the place of discharge. Somehow, the timing of the drop must be calculated so that the landing site is as close to the calculated one as possible. This problem should be "solved" by the ball, taking into account the possibility of correcting the trajectory, direction, speed of movement, wind speed, time to descend ...

As soon as the container lands, the "pick-up" radio beacon turns on. The spy also connects to his receiver a direction finder - an antenna, like the athletes of the "Fox Hunt", and looks for a "package". "Pick-up" works until the spy turns it off, or the agreed time of the search ends ...

It turns out a two-way bearing. When descending, the ball is the "hunter" and the spy is the "fox", and then, when the container is on the ground, the spy becomes the "hunter" and the container is the "fox".

In this mode, there is absolutely no need for good weather, good visibility and torment for the spy to choose the moment of the command to reset. There is no need to climb the mountain for a better view, because the signal source is at the top. There is no need to hire a "search engine team", everything is done by the spy alone. A spy cannot appear on the spot minute by minute, so you have to wait for a long time. In order to freeze less, the spy could "dig" a cache for himself by the stream, away from the possible appearance of "passers-by".

This is how I presented the interception of the container at the initial stage of the investigation. This means that on January 30 the ball “sailed” to the interception zone.

Strange commentators

During the investigation of the tragedy, materials were exhibited on the pages of Yandex Zen, under the title “Who is the Boss in the House? Dyatlovtsy ”, where commentators were quite active in helping, but not all. For instance:

“The version is fierce nonsense that violates all the laws of logic. What is the point of enemy intelligence to drop films from balloons on the territory of the enemy, the USSR, although you can stupidly wait until the wind blows the balloons somewhere into neutral waters or into NATO territory? Themselves write that sent THOUSAND balls. Now imagine how many agents are needed in the USSR to collect tapes from them? And most importantly, how to ship these films in such quantities, first to the border, and then to the West? Given the Iron Curtain and the high vigilance of Soviet border guards and customs? This whole version can exist only in the rotten brains of socks and footcloths, but platt, not normal people. "

Impressions are such that people comment without reading what is written. Sometimes you have to answer like this:

“Researcher, If you answer in your tone, I will say that you have no rotten brains either. The balls of ADA, which are not intercepted, calmly fly to the same Okhotsk and Japanese seas and there they are picked up in neutral waters. And yet "enemy intelligence" does not give out its secrets. Our services intercept pictures of their own territories. "

We have to add Rakitin's information that the border was far from "locked", and the contingent of the exiled and re-escorted Northern Trans-Urals would like to be better.